About the Pack

Here at the beautiful studio that I call home, I am lucky to have 5 dogs and 6 parrots whom rescued me and each other. It is non stop around here and the day to day laughs that come with it are priceless. We always have room for friends of the flock or pack at Sandy L Smith Fine Photography! Comment with your story and photo of your cutey

Dogs in the current order of favourites (may change weekly, daily or hourly)


Spencer is my old man and constant companion. We have been together thick and thin for 15 years! He is by far the largest dog in the house.. just ask him! I little blind and selectively deaf means he runs the roost.adorable dogs in a pack by commercial photographer-249


Radish is like the calm surfer dude and nothing phases him. He is the quintessential calm pack leader that rules other dogs with the raising of an eyebrow. He was on the cover of a magazine which is awesome cuz sometimes we feel he gets left out by being so good! Black dogs lives matter he saysSLS_3869.jpg


Elsa Mae is our only girl dog and she takes full advantage of it! We brought her home from a wedding in Antigua where she was near death condition outside the resort where I was shooting. It was a lot of work and time and money from a whole team of us to get her healthy and bring her home. She is the most exuberant player and runner and the most EPIC cuddler untitled-85.jpg

Dudley the mediocre Dane.  Nah he’ s pretty great.  120 pounds of lap dog afraid of all the scary things in the world. We have tried to help him with his fear reactivity to strange dogs and driven hundreds of hours to remote places he can run safe and free.  Finally we have just purchased a 6 acre home mostly so the dogs have the best life possible!SLS_6447

Elvis is the naughtiest …er I mean newest edition to our furramily.  He is the cutest and smartest dog on the planet. Just ask him! You can follow his adorable antics and adventures on Instagram @elvis_the_pomskyHere is a little taste of Elvis as seen featured in Dailyhive.com