Dog blog. Pup podcast. Back in action. What I have done with my time away from you!

I am back friends! As I long ago mentioned,  I wanted to revamp and rethink the purpose and direction of this blog.  Rather than a daily blog which I found overwhelming I am going to do a weekly blog which will compliment my new PODCAST! Cameras and Canines which you will be able to download on Google Play, Itunes and Amazon sometime next week!  Both will keep weekly photography tips and tutorials as well as the cutest dog story of the week.  I have also lined up some pawsome guest writers and interviews for the podcast.  You will even be able to interact in the episodes live! #socool #dogpodcast

Things have been hectic here at Green Acres which is what we seem to be calling the acreage.  Painting, flooring, fixing, learning how to do woodworking and home repairs to save money.  Because I CAN and encourage others to as well!  If you can read and you have utube you can do almost anything.  Trust me. These were all things that mystified and terrified me previous to this acreage adventure. I will add some before and after photos and if you want to know how to do anything just let me know and I will include it in an upcoming post.  Here is a list of things I can think of off the top of my head

  1. Whole house painted
  2. My bathroom wainscotted look and painted, decorated for under $100
  3. Installed a bidet (I highly highly recommend it and cheaper than a few months of bio degradable, septic friendly tp)
  4. Build a gatehouse out of wood. Designed it, learned power tools, built it and installed it
  5. Switched the house over to smart lighting and voice activated everything
  6. Installed security system
  7. Backsplashed the kitchen
  8. Wallpapered the front entry
  9. Painted and refinished almost all the furniture in the house

I am also trying to build a greenhouse and have started growing herbs and greens in the house.  They will be strong and delicious by the time they will move into the greenhouse!  We are debating adding some cute little ducklings to the family so we will have eggs when they are older.  I am trying to reduce our footprint and my goal for now is to grow 30% of our own food.

Juggling all that with running my photography business, finishing with another private mentoring student (check her OUT!  Her images are amazing and we rebranded her to Savvy Cat Photography.  Lisa is going to take over the world with cattitude) Also living with 9 dependent furry or feathered friends has been busy and rewarding.  Streamlining my goals for blogging, vlogging and podcast was key and I know you will enjoy what is ahead friends! I will post new content every Friday and Cameras and Canines Podcast will air once weekly, we think Sundays or Mondays but will confirm 🙂

Warm Wishes,



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