Why YOU should become a professional photographer. A satire.

Looking for a new career? Maybe photography is for YOU!!

Do you enjoy working round the clock and worrying where your next pay cheque will come from? With endless hours and compensation unlikely you may have just found the perfect career!  There is never a lack of clients and friends lining up to hire you to work for free.  Afterall most professionals work for free. If you can ask your doctor, mail lady, hair stylist, mechanic or plumber to work for free, why NOT your photographer?

Plus, with no paid sick time or vacation, you can take that time to market yourself, work on your website, multiple social media accounts, ongoing learning, follow up and consult emails, networking, rejection, cleaning and maintaining your gear, and even accounting. That is synergy at work! 

Being your own boss means never having to ask someone else to pay for your $20k plus in gear (with a limited shelf life that needs replacing every few years) or bothering being paid for thousands of hours of practice, learning and devotion to your craft. Also pairs well with a second job and may lead to great opportunities in landscaping, and the service industry.

Contact www.camerasandcanines.com for mentoring rates

I all seriousness I LOVE my job and would not want to do anything else.  Writing this gave me a little smile as it is true that many people have no clue what goes into a true professional’s craft. I educate people if I can or move on when people expect me to work for free. I have a great support network online that all get it and encourage and inspire one another.

I love the way this was put by one of these peers quoting one of my mentors

“Print, digital image or both the price is the same. The value lies in the talent, creativity, skill and work that goes into the image production, not the form in which it is delivered.”

Those are some true words!




  1. Honestly, I have been thinking of embarking on the photography journey. Maybe reading this piece would be my first step towards this. Thank you for this great post!


  2. I think that working hard for nothing is something that photography shares with any type of creative work. In the end it’s all about passion.

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  3. Don always had the same problem which is one reason why he won’t do it anymore. As a licensed mechanic with a teaching degree, he would teach by day and work on the side by night. The problem was that people thought he should work for free or for next to nothing. Never mind that it was their precious car that got them from point A to point B. They didn’t want to spend more than a few bucks on a machine worth thousands of dollars. Plumbers, electricians, etc. always seemed to command more respect. So, Don doesn’t work on the side anymore – he only helps family.


  4. I love taking pictures and taking photography professionally needs more time. Have so many things to do here😊but who knows, one day!


  5. I couldn’t do it professionally…. my goal is to one day take the camera off of auto and learn how to use it. Hopefully I can attend your next fido photo course!


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